Locatie: Who are we? - The School Guide - English

What are we?


1.1 Name of the school

The name of the school has two meanings. The first meaning is that of a rose bush, a rose-like shrub with bright red rose-hips. It is a name that fits the school because of the school's interest in nature. The second meaning of Eglantier is that it was the name of the Chamber of Rhetoric, a literary society in the Golden Age, "Flowering in Love." And that concept can be found in the school. It is how the people working in our school give shape to the development of the learning child.



Public Elementary school De Eglantier

Location Tanthof

Derde Werelddreef 29

2622 HB  Delft

T (015) 2617650        

E directie@eglantiertanthof.nl                       

I www.eglantierdelft.nl


Location Voorhof

Building IB

Ina Boudier-Bakkerstraat 2

2624 NX Delft

T (015) 2564208


Location Voorhof

Building RH

Roland Holstlaan 917

2624 KE Delft

T (015) 2565577

E directie@eglantierdelft.nl

I www.eglantierdelft.nl


1.2 Structure and Management Team

The team of location Tanthof consists of about 14 teachers and the team of location Voorhof consists of about 20 teachers. At both sites, the Site Manager is responsible for the daily management. The management consists of the Site Manager, the coordinator of the groups 1 to 4, and the coordinator of the groups 5 to 8. A couple times a year, other coordinators join the board.

The Site Manager is the first person to contact at the school for parents, staff and others. The Site Manager is accountable to the cluster manager.

Both locations have a guidance counsellor, called intern begeleider (IB). They are responsible for the care structure and the tracking of the development of the pupils.

The management is supported by a number of executives. Among others, there is a learning coordinator, a language coordinator, a math coordinator, and a coordinator International Primary Curriculum (IPC). You may find a complete list in the calendar, the annual part of our school guide.

Groups 3 to 8 have physical exercise lessons from a specialist teacher. There is also special attention to dance education during gym classes.

The pupils of the Eglantier have English lessons when they start school in group 1. These classes are taught by native speakers or certified English teachers.


1.3a Site of the location Tanthof

The school is located in the district Tanthof West. The school has been designed as a coloured box of bricks with eight classrooms, a gym room and a playgroup. The pastel-coloured tiled cubes form a playful whole that is close to how children experience the world.

The pupils come from the vicinity of the school, but recently more parents from other districts are consciously choosing The Eglantier Tanthof. Reasons for this are the English classes, the IPC, the cooperative work and attention to learning.

The number of pupils is about 180, though it is expected that the number of pupils will increase in the coming years.


1.3b Site of the location Voorhof

The school is located in the district Voorhof West. Surrounding the school is a variety of greenery, a large playing area, and the school gardens of grade 2. The school is housed in two buildings within five minutes walking distance of each other. The pupils come from the vicinity of the school, but here also parents from other districts are choosing often for Eglantier de Voorhof. This is mainly due to the English lessons, the IPC, the cooperative work and attention to learning.

The building on the Roland Holstlaan houses the children of the ages of 4 - 7 years. The number of pupils varies from 110 to 150. The building on the Ina Boudier-Bakkerstraat is intended for the age groups from 7 - 12 years.


1.4 School Size

The location Tanthof has a stable school population of about 160 pupils, though the expectation is that the number of pupils will grow in the coming years.

The number of pupils of the location Voorhof is stable at about 330 pupils.