Locatie: Teachers - The School Guide - English


5.1 Substitution in case of illness, (study) leave or training

When teachers are absent due to illness, family circumstances, training or other forms of leave, the school provides substitute teachers. The children will not be send home, except when there is no other option. The school can call on the substitute teachers group (teachers working at Librijn or teachers from the team who can work additional hours). If this option is not available then we can call on the specialist teachers to take over the class, or a class may be divided and put in other groups.


5.2 Training of teachers

Just like our pupils, teachers never stop learning. It is important that they continue to follow developments in education and work constantly to increase their expertise.

Each school year we create a training plan, based on the educational plans of the school and individual needs and / or requirements. The teachers keep a portfolio. Teachers are expected to prepare a personal development plan and update it regularly.