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6.1 Importance of involvement of parents/guardians

Parents or guardians, and teachers are expected to act in the best interests of the child. We therefore feel jointly responsible for the education and upbringing of your children. Therefore, we find a good cooperation is very important.

To ensure we make the school for you as accessible as possible and we do our best to inform you well in advance. Do you as parents or guardians have questions for the school, you can always ask them through the class teacher or management.

It is important that we trust each other and show understanding and respect for each other. Only then is communication possible and effective.

At school the teachers are primarily responsible for the children; the Site Manager/principal has overall responsibility.

In the school year 2014-2015 de Eglantier Tanthof will organise 4 'parent' mornings. These mornings will be from 8:30 to 10:00 pm. During the mornings, important issues for the school (parents, students and staff) will be discussed. Issues like homework, social media, and the school, etc. The topics for this will mostly come from the parent surveys. Parents will hereby act as a sounding board for their involvement in these moments, give their opinion, etc. Parents who cannot attend these morning, but who would like to voice their opinions or ideas can do so via email.


6.2 Providing information to parents/guardians about education and school

It is of great importance to inform the parents or guardians as much as possible about the state of affairs at school. You can find the school guide on our website.

The school guide also has an annual calendar. Furthermore, you will receive a digital newsletter every week.

The newsletter and other information can also be found on the school website (www.eglantierdelft.nl).

At the beginning of the new school year, there will be an information meeting for the parents or guardians. During this evening you will receive information on all matters related to education, such as the use of learning materials and homework.


6.3 Help from parents

We organize many activities for the children which will help them acquire knowledge in various ways. For this we need the help of parents. Help is needed for the following activities:

Technique classes;

Reading activities;

Help with thematic work (IPC);

Excursions / trips;

Traffic Lessons;

Sports tournaments;

Sports Day;


Christmas celebrations;

Easter celebrations.


6.4 Complaints

You may trust that the school cares about your interests. Yet it may happen that you are not completely satisfied during contacts with the school, about the state of affairs. In that case, it is important to make this known to the proper person within the school.

If the problems are more serious and a solution through dialogue is not possible, you can use a complaints procedure.

Our school has one contact (independent from the board) with whom you can discuss your problems. This contact can put you in touch with the appointed confidant of all schools in our Foundation. The confidant will evaluate the problem, and decide if further talks may solve the problem. If you come to the conclusion that this is not the case, you can file a complaint with the National Complaints Commission (LNC). In some cases, the counsellor will also assist in filing a report with the police.

The school contacts of the locations are the guidance counsellors. On the LKC's website, www.lgc-lkc.nl you can find further information.


6. 5 Parent Council (OR)

Both locations have a Parent Council (OR). The council consists of parents or guardians elected from and by the parents. A team member is present at the meetings as an advisor.

The Parent Council is responsible for a number of activities, and is supported by a number of committees. The council promotes the participation of parents by involving them in various events organized by the council and the team. The school policies are primarily the responsibility of the management, staff and the MR. The Parent Council contributes and wants to be heard and gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board and the MR.

You can reach the OR of the location Tanthof via email at or@eglantiertanthof.nl. The email address of the OR of the location Voorhof is or.eglantiervh@hotmail.com.


6.6 Participation Council (MR)

Our school has a participation council (MR). The council consists of chosen representatives of the parents or guardians, and staff. The powers of the MR are laid down in the Law on Participation in Education (WMO). The MR provides a structure in which parents and teachers can agree with and advise on important issues that affect the school. These are matters that affect the school directly (such as the appointment of teachers, housing, and education).

The MR focuses on policy issues and not individual interests.

Would you like to attend a meeting, or do you have questions or comments for the MR, then you can reach the MR at the following email addresses.

Location Tanthof: mr@eglantiertanthof.nl

Location Voorhof: mr.de.eglantier@gmail.com

If you have questions about education, you can also contact the policy advisors of the Public Education Association. They give free expert advice weekdays between 10:00 to 15:00 on the telephone number 036 711 6178.

Librijn also has a joint participation council (GMR). This council has the same powers as the MR, but concerns itself with the policies of the foundation Librijn.