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General information 


10.1 School hours

Location Tanthof


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

8.30 – 14.30 uur



8.30 – 12.00



Location Voorhof


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

8.30 – 12.00 and

13.00 – 15.00


8.30 – 12.00


We ask the parents to say goodbye to their children outside the school and before 8:30. This promotes the independence of the child and ensures a quiet start of the lessons. You are welcome inside the school after school hours.

When the bell announces the end of school, the teacher will bring the children outside. The teacher ensures that the children go to the parents or guardians. We ask for confirmation from the parents or guardians of children who can go home independently. When a child is picked up by someone else, this should be reported to the class teacher.

Pupils should receive 7520 hours of educational hours during their school career. The school may decide how these hours are distributed over the different years. After deduction of the holidays, the annual total number of educational hours on the Eglantier is still too high. To compensate we have decided to take days off in the year schedule.


10.2 School run by car

We highly recommended not to bring the children to school by car, unless it is really necessary. If this really is no other way, we ask you to park in such a way that the other traffic is not impeded and the safety of the children is not compromised when crossing the street.

We will notify the police of serious and repeated violations of the parking restrictions. The police regularly supervises the traffic around the school.


10.3 Voluntary parental contribution

Education is paid for by the government. For extras we appeal to the parents or guardians. The voluntary parental contribution for our school is set each year; you can find the amount in the calendar. This contribution is voluntary, but necessary in order to organize activities and amenities. Fortunately most parents participate in this contribution necessary for the school. Without this contribution many activities and facilities are not possible.

This contribution for pays for things for which we receive no compensation from the government but are still very useful and fun to create attractive education, such as:

Renovations and additions to the library;

Costs of the excursions, sports day and trips;

Year books for group 8;

Festivities like Sinterklaas, Christmas and Easter.


10.4 Leave

It is not allowed to miss school, except in case of illness. Extra leave for vacations is not permitted. Children have 13 weeks holiday. You should have plenty of time than to celebrate holidays together. There is only one exception, which is when one of the parents is unable to leave work during school holidays. If this is the case, a statement from the employer must be submitted.

The Management Board is obliged to follow these rules and will report violations of this rule to the attendance officer. Please note that some circumstances such as moving house, a marriage of a family member or an anniversary also apply for a leave.

Forms for 'request for exemption from school' can be obtained from the group teacher or downloaded from the website. An application form must be submitted at least one month before the desired leave to the Site Manager. You will receive an answer regarding your request within fourteen days.

Additional leave in the first two weeks of school after the summer holidays is never permitted. Unauthorised absence must be reported to the attendance officer.


10.5 Calling in sick

If your child misses school due to illness or family circumstances, please inform us before 8.30.

The school has a duty to report based on the Compulsory Education. That means that truancy of a pupil without a valid reason must be reported to the college of mayor and aldermen of the municipality where the student lives or resides. This includes frequent lateness of a student.

We are obligated to immediately report if:

A student for a period of four consecutive weeks of missed sixteen educational hours.


10.6 After-school activities for children


The children are given the opportunity to participate in various after-school activities. Some courses are offered in the fields of music, science, culture, etc. Participation is of course voluntary.

In collaboration with Delft Community School activities are planned; parents will be notified by mail about these activities. The school also participates in various sports tournaments like football and netball.



10.7 Pre- and afterschool care, and lunch

From 1 August 2007 onwards, schools are obliged to participate in the pre- and afterschool care.

Last year, there were a few children at both locations who were looked after by some of the teachers, because too few children were enrolled to start up a group for early morning care. If more parents say they want to make use of pre-school care then this can be arranged.

For many children it is difficult to go home for lunch. These children have lunch at school. The children can have lunch and play under the supervision of volunteers. The organization of the volunteers is taken care of by the Stichting Rijswijkse Kinderopvang

The Stichting Rijswijkse Kinderopvang also arranges care after school (NSO) within the Eglantier. An application package can be obtained from the school.


10.8 School Insurance for Pupils

The school has a collective accident insurance for all pupils. This insurance is valid during school hours and for all activities organized by the school, such as excursions.

This insurance does not apply for damaged personal property, such as clothing and glasses. For this you will need a personal liability insurance policy (W.A.-verzekering). This also applies to bikes parked in the schoolyard. The school is not responsible for this.


10.9 Accidents at school

Should your child be involved in an accident at school, then the procedure is as follows:

Small injuries are treated by one of the teachers. A number of teachers are in the possession of a first aid certificate (BHV);

The school will give first aid in case of serious injuries and will immediately phone the parents or guardians to come get the child and arrange further care. If you do not have adequate transportation, we will try to arrange it for you. If you are not at home, or if we cannot reach you, we will take your child to the doctor that is included in our student administration or to the hospital;

In case of very serious injuries, we will immediately call 112 and the parents or guardians.


10.10 Medication

Children stay in school for 5 to 6 hours. During this period it is possible that they have to take prescription medications. Because medications can sometimes bring unexpected consequences, we want to proceed cautiously. Some guidelines for this matter are unavoidable. We would like you to respect the following rules: the school will not provide children with medication, unless there is a signed statement from parents, guardians, or attending physician. Parents or guardians do not give medications to children to bring to school, unless there has been a consultation with the teacher and there is a written statement prepared.


10.11 Sponsoring

Our school has a clear policy regarding sponsorship. The main points of this policy is that we do not use sponsored teaching materials and we do not allow advertising in school. We do accept donations from companies, when they are intended for activities other than education and the activities of the company are not in conflict with our goals. The MR monitors the implementation of this policy.


10.12 Lice protocol

After every holiday, all children are checked for lice at school. This is done by a number of parents. The result is that the number of cases of head lice is very low. If you want to be involved as a parent to help with head lice control, you can contact the teacher.


10.13 Library

Grades 4 to 8 may borrow books from school to read in the classroom. A couple of mornings per week, volunteers are present at school to answer questions and keep the records.


10.14 Junior MR

The junior MR consists of pupils from grades 5 to 8 (2 representatives from each group) and meets approximately every six weeks. On the agenda are all kinds of needs of the pupils, but we also discuss the interaction with the pupils and how we can improve the school. The delegates will discuss the agenda again with their classmates and are given new items for the agenda by their classmates.


10.15 School milk

There is a choice of two dairy products, namely skimmed milk, and Optimel raspberry drink.

These products are kept at school in a large refrigerator. The delivery is provided by Campina, who will send the invoice to the consumer. The janitor of the school has the registration forms. The administration is entirely outside the school. For questions, please contact Campina phone 0348-429562, or on the website www.campina.nl.


10.16 Snacks

The children have daily snack times. We ask you to give them a healthy snack such as a sandwich, fruit or a small biscuit. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we encourage the children to bring 'Gruiten'. This means that they take a piece of fruit or vegetables as a snack.


10.17 Birthday treats

We celebrate the birthday of your child in the classroom. Of course your child will be allowed to give treats on the occasion. Please keep in mind the following:

A little something is enough;

A treat can certainly be healthy.