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Application and enrolment  


9.1 Enrolment of new pupils

If you are interested in enrolling your child at our school, you can download an application form from our website. You can also make an appointment with the Site Manager for an interview. We organise several open days a year, one in October and one in March. You can find the dates of these open days on our website.

During the introductory consultation, we will inform you about all the important things related to the school and answer any questions. You may telephone or email to make an appointment.

In order to be able to provide a suitable place of education for children, all the relevant information available must be submitted to the school with the application form. In case of a written application, the school will be determine through an interview whether the school is the right place of education for the child.

Parents are the most important source for the school to get this information. In addition, parents will be asked whether information is available from a nursery or playgroup.

The school will a decision on placement within six weeks. If it is impossible to make this decision within six weeks, the school may extend the decision making period by four weeks.

To enrol it is necessary to bring a document on which the citizen service number (former social security number) of your child is mentioned.

If you wish to receive the newsletter of The Eglantier, please enter your email address on our website.

You can register your child at the Eglantier from the age of 2. Do not wait too long to register, we will close the registration once a group has reached the maximum number. Then your child can only be placed on the waiting list, and can only be placed if other pupils are going through relocation or change schools for other reasons.


9.2 Reception at school

The school recommends that parents or guardians bring their child to school for about 5 mornings to allow them to get used to the new school. The child must be brought to class before 8:30 am and has to be picked up at the end of the morning.

The parents or guardians or not allowed to stay with the child. Suitable mornings are chosen in consultation with the teacher. The new teacher will contact the parents or guardians to make arrangements.

Children whose first day of school is right after the summer break, will not have those ‘practice runs’ before the holidays. Chances are that the child would be placed in a different group with a different teacher after the holidays.

Conditions for admission of non 4-year-olds:

For interim influx of pupils in groups 2 through 8, children will be tested and the previous school will be contacted to determine what grade a child should be placed in. Here too, we have a maximum per group.