Locatie: Regulations - School prospectus - English



9. Practical matters 

9.1 School hours 
The school hours are as follow:


Locatie Tanthof




maandag, dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag

8.30 – 14.30 uur



8.30 – 12.00 uur




Locatie Voorhof




maandag, dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag

8.30 – 12.00 uur en 13.00 – 15.00 uur




 8.30 – 12.00 uur


For groups 1 to 4 the door will be opened at 08.20hrs in the morning. The lessons will start at 08.30hrs, we kindly ask that the parents leave the classroom before the lesson starts. 
For groups 5 to 8 the teachers are on duty in the playground. The bell rings at 08.20hrs and the children walk to their classroom. We ask that the parents from groups 3 to 8 say goodbye outside in the school playground. This is a policy our school has so that it develops independence in the children. Naturally you are welcome to come into the school after 14.30hrs. 

When it is time to go home, the children from groups 1 and 4 are taken outside by the teacher. For safety reasons the teachers will hand over the children to the parents (carers). Please support your class teacher by making sure that your child understands that they must not leave the teacher before you have arrived. When your child is allowed to go home on their own or will be picked up by another parent, we ask you to inform the teacher beforehand. 

Students must receive a total of 7520 hours of primary education. The school can decide on dividing these hours over the different school years. The year total of the number of education hours less the holidays is too high at Eglantier. That is why we decided to add compensation days (free days) to our year calendar.

 9.2 Parking your car at school
If there is no other option than bringing and collecting your child by car, we ask that you park your car taking into careful consideration the safety of other children.
By this we mean not parking in the middle in the road or in front of another parked car. In case of serious and repetitive violations of parking bans we will contact the police. The school will ask the police to survey on a regular basis. 

 9.3 Parental contribution.
Education is paid for by the Government. For the funding of extra activities we turn to parents/guardians. The voluntary fee for our school will be determined each year. You can find the amount in our School Calendar.
Though the parental contribution is voluntary, it is necessary for orginasing activities and events. Fortunately most parents contribute. Without this contribution al lot of   ‘extras’ that add to the quality of the curriculum, for instance new books for the library, school trips, sport days and festivities like Christmas would not be possible.

 9.4 Leave of absence
It is not allowed to be absent from school, except in case of illness. Extra leave for holidays therefore is not allowed. There are 13 weeks of school holidays in a year which allow sufficient time for a family holiday.

An exception is made in a situation where a family holiday is not possible during the normal school vacations. In such cases, a letter from the employer of (one of the ) parents must be accompanied with the appropriate form to support the application.  
Leave is also granted in the following cases, when the child:

  • Must visit a doctor, dentist or moving house.


  • Must attend a funeral, religious occasion or special anniversary.


Application forms (´Verzoek om vrijstelling schoolbezoek) can be obtained through the class teacher or downloaded from our website.  The application form must be handed in at least a month before the start of the requested leave. We will respond to your request within 14 days.
Note: leave of absence is never granted in the first two weeks of a new school year nor for the convenience (or advantageous cost) of flight bookings.

The school management is obliged by the Dutch law to contact the Schools’ Attendance Officer (Leerplicht Ambtenaar) in the event of irregular absences or continual lateness and this can result in parents having to pay a fine.

 9.5 Reporting Absence
In case your child should not be able to attend school due to illness or family circumstances, please notify the school by telephone before 08.30hrs on the first day of the child’s absence.

 9.6 Extracurricular activities 
Children are given the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. Together with the OR we offer courses in the field of music, science,  culture etc.
Participation is of course voluntary.
In cooperation with “Brede School Delft” several activities are organized. Twice a year you will receive a brochure with an overview of the activities.
The school also participates in different sports tournaments such as soccer and korfball.

 9.7 Before and after school care.
Since 1st August 2007 schools are obliged to participate in “before and after school care’ (VSO and NSO). De Eglantier works together with ‘the school care’ organization Octopus. This organization takes care of the children after school and during school holidays.
After school the pupils of the location Tanthof walk to a building in the area together with staff members from Octopus.
For the pupils of location Voorhof there is room available in the main building of location Voorhof. Here you can find the NSO-group “De Spetters”.
An information and application package is available at school. 
Parents of location Tanthof can use the preschool (voorschoolse) care (VSO) provided by Octopus. Last school year a few children of location Voorhof were supervised by teachers before school hours because the number of children was too small to start a “voorschoolse” group by Octopus. Should more parents wish to use voorschoolse opvang Octopus can arrange this.

9.8 Lunch facilities
The children stay at school during the lunch break. The children can have lunch at school and play, supervised by “overblijfkrachten”.

9.9 Pupil Insurance
All De Eglantier children are insured during school time and school activities, however if your child has an accident and has to visit a medical institution, the school insurance only reimburses the costs that your personal insurance does not cover. The school does not cover damage to personal goods such as clothes and bicycles. 

9.10 Accidents in the school
In case of an accident we have the following policy:

×           If the injury is small, one of the teachers with an first aid diploma (EHBO) will treat your child.

×           If the injury is more serious, the teachers will administer first aid and will call the parents immediately. We ask you to come and collect your child and handle this injury. If you need transport to the doctor, we can arrange this for you. If we are unable to reach you, we will contact your family doctor stated on your child’s registration form.

×            In case of a injury that requires urgent medical attention then we will immediately call the alarm number 112 and notify the parents.

9.11 Use of medicine in the school

Children are at school for up to six hours a day. During that period of time an incident may arise that might require your child to take some medicine.  Because medicines  can sometimes have unexpected consequences we want to take the necessary precautions. That is why the school does not give medicines to a child unless there is a signed statement from the parents or doctor. Parents will not allow their child to take medicines to school without such a statement and without informing the teacher.

9.12 Sponsoring 
Our school has an clear policy and written guidelines with respect to sponsoring. It is stated that we do not use sponsored teaching materials. We do not advertise. However, we can accept gifts from companies if they are meant for activities not related to regular education, and if the activities of the company do not contradict our goals. The school council (MR) supervises the adherence to this guideline.

9.13 Head louse protocol
After each vacation period all children are checked on contamination with head lice by a group of experienced parents. This causes the number of cases of head lice contamination to be very low. If you want to help with the head louse checks you can turn to the group teacher.

9.14 Library
The groups 4 to 8 have the opportunity to borrow books from the school library and read them in class.  On a number of mornings volunteers are present at school to answer questions and keep the records.
Once a month the pupils of the groups 3 to 6 of the Tanthof location can borrow books from the Tanthof Library.
9.15 Junior MR
The junior MR consists of pupils from group 5 to 8. Every group has two representatives. Meetings are held once every six weeks. They discuss pupils whishes, the way we interact with pupils and suggestions for improving the school.
The representatives talk about these issues with their classmates and ask them for input.

9.16 School milk
School milk is supplied by Campina. Application forms for school milk are available from the school concierge. Parents pay directly to the school milk company.
School milk will be delivered at school two to three weeks after the application has been made. If you have any questions, please call Campina: 0900-2356355 (10 ct p.m.). or have a look on their website https://www.schoolmelk.nl

9.17  Snack break
hildren can have a snack break. We prefer healthy snacks like a sandwich or a “liga”. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we simulate the children to bring vegetables (e.g. carrot, cucumber, tomatoes) or fruit (e.g. apple, banana, oranges) as a snack.