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6. Parents / guardians

6.1  Importance of parental involvement
Our relationship with parents is based upon mutual trust and respect; the best interests of the child are in the heart of our work together. We strive to create positive and fun learning experience for your children and take responsibility with you for their education. To support this we have an open door policy and we will do our best to keep you informed. If you have questions about the school you can always ask the class teacher or the management team.
At school the class teacher is primarily responsible for the children however, the Principal has the overall responsibility.

6.2 Information to parents/guardians
The school finds it of major importance to inform parents about the daily routine at our school. That is why parents receive a school prospectus when registering at our school. After that all parents will receive a new school prospectus when it is updated. Every school year we issue  a school calendar with all the important activities and dates for that year.
Every other week we issue a news letter. This newsletter is sent to you by e-mail and is  published on the school website (www.tanthof.eglantierdelft.nl)
At the beginning of each school year we organize a information meeting. During this meeting u will obtain information about information from the class teacher regarding our daily routines, timetables, curriculum, homework, class rules and expectations. 

6.3 Parental involvement
We organize many activities for the children in the school. Below you will find some activities where the class teacher may approach you for your assistance:

×           Lego league

×           Science lessons

×           Reading

×           IPC lessons

×           field trips

×           traffic educational lessons

×           sport tournaments

×           Sports Day

×           Easter activities

×           St Nicholas celebrations (5th December)

×           Christmas celebrations

You can sign up for these activities by approaching one of the class parents or the class teacher or by registering on our sign-up lists.

6.4 Complaints procedure
If a parent is concerned about anything to do with the education that we are providing at our school, they should, in the first instance, discuss the matter with their child’s class teacher or principal. Most matters of concern can be dealt with in this way.
Where a parent feels that a situation has not been resolved through contact with the class teacher, or that their concern is of a sufficiently serious nature, you can turn to the school counsellor. The school counsellor is appointed for all schools at the Librijn. The Special needs coordinator at our school can help you contacting the school counsellor.
The school counsellor will try to resolve the problem by talking to the parties involved. If you still feel that your concern is not resolved, you can submit your complaint to the “Landelijke Klachten Commissie (LCK)”.  In certain cases the school counsellor can be of help assisting in reporting issues to the police.
You can find more information on the website of the LKC (www.lgc-lkc.nl) .

6.5 Activity Committee (Ouderraad or OR)
Both locations have an Activity Committee (Ouderraad or OR). This committee consists of parents/guardians chosen from and by the parents. The meetings of the Activity Committee are attended by a member of the school team. This team member has an advising role. 
The Activity Committee (OR) is responsible for organizing a number of activities. The OR is assisted by sub committees. 
he OR also enhances the parental involvement by letting parents participate in all sorts of events organized by the OR and the team. 
The management team, the teaching staff and the MR are responsible for the school policy. The OR gives advice to the management team and MR on its own initiative or when asked.

You can reach the OR from location Tanthof at or.eglantier@gmail.com or or@eglantiertanthof.nl

You can reach the OR from location Voorhof at ouderraadeglantier@gmail.com


6.6 The “Medenzeggenschapsraad (MR)” 
Our school also has a MR which stands for the Dutch word Medezeggenschaps Raad. This literally means “Right of say Council”. In essence the MR is a co-administration council (a mixture between a traditional Parent Teacher association and a School Council). It is a requirement by Dutch law to have an MR in every school.
The members of the MR (parents and teachers) can give their consent or advise on matters that directly affect the school (e.g. the appointment of teachers, housing, educational policy). The MR does not look after individual interests.
You can reach the MR at : rmr.eglantier@gmail.com or mr@eglantiertanthof.nl  If you have any questions concerning education in general, you can contact the advisors of the “Vereniging Openbaar Onderwijs” by phone on 0800- 5010. Every schoolday from 10.00u -15.00u they give free expert advice.