Locatie: Outline of de Eglantier - School prospectus - English

An ouline of de Eglantier Tanthof

1.1 School Name

The name Eglantier has two meanings. First, it is the word for a briar rose; a beautiful wild rose with red petals This meaning reflects the school’s attention for nature.
Secondly, the name is defined as a literary company during the Golden Age with the following motto: “In love we bloom”. It means to nurture and blossom. This also reflects the basis of our school’s teaching.



Contact Information:
Openbare basisschool De Eglantier

Location Tanthof
Derde Werelddreef 29
2622 HBDelft
Telephone (015) 2617650

E-mail directie@eglantiertanthof.nl
Homepage http://www.tanthof.eglantierdelft.nl


1.2 Management and team
The teaching staff consists of approximately 11 teachers at the Tanthof location. At this location the management team consists of the location manager (principals?) and two heads of department. The location manager is responsible for the daily routine and is the primary contact for parents, staff and third parties. The location manager reports to the cluster (Director?) manager.
Eglantier Tanthof has a Special Needs coordinator, a Remedial teacher, several Curriculum coordinators and a Cooperative Learning and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) coordinator.
A Physical Education (PE) teacher provides physical education to groups 3 to 8.
Two Native Speakers teach English to all students at De Eglantier.



1.3 Tanthof Location
The school site is located in the Tanthof district. The building was designed as a colourful box of blocks. The coloured tiles outlining the building relate to the students perception of their environment. The building has eight classrooms, a field and a playgroup.
Most students attending the school are from the neighbourhood and increasingly, parents from other districts choose De Eglantier Tanthof for their children. Reasons for this change include: English lessons, International Primary Curriculum (IPC), cooperative learning and, the emphasis on learning.
The number of students is about 160. It is expected to increase in the upcoming years.